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Avinash is the founder of Affiliate Tribe world. He was born and brought up in a Lower Middle Class Indian family and was a big dreamer and always dreamed unimaginable and unrealistic things from childhood till date. Early on in his life, he realized that if he wanted to live a life on his terms he should have his own businesses so that he can live the life of his dreams, rather than being in a job and working for someone else and helping them build their dreams.

He started with a couple of businesses at home just to fund himself and his family but that was not enough and also confined to his home. Then he started his online business journey through Affiliate Marketing and started Affiliate Tribe World. He is also a business partner to two other online businesses. He truly believes that every entrepreneur needs to get their business online as the products or services they offer are up and running online 24/7 unlike the offline businesses. And moreover the attention of the masses has drastically moved into the online space.


 Avinash Sahil Murmu

Avinash always motivates, inspires and pushes his followers and friends to become the greatest version of themselves. Be it in any areas of their life. He also believes that if one wants to reach for his dreams, the best thing is to start by taking imperfect massive actions towards their dreams rather than just waiting for the perfect time. 

He has an unwavering belief that each individual on this planet is gifted with unique abilities and when fully used in service to others, one can become the best version of themselves. He also shares his thoughts on Business, Entrepreneurship and Motivation through his podcast “The Freedom Plugh Podcast”. You can connect with him or follow him through the links below:

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Jehoyakim Jena




Jehoyakim Jena is the co-founder of Affiliate Tribe World. He’s completed his M.B.A and also his certifications in Digital Marketing. He’s more passionate about the businesses that run in the online space. His expertise and knowledge can help you with the growth of your business online using digital marketing methods.
His goal is to help you succeed in this digital age. So if you are ambitious and would like to create a profitable business around things you are passionate about. He truly can guide you to turn any idea of yours into a profitable business.

He truly believes that anyone can create their dream lifestyle if they just decided to go all in to make it happen. Most people want to live that dream lifestyle of becoming an entrepreneur and doing what they love to do – like not working for someone, working from home or from anywhere, waking up when you want, working when you want, not commuting to work, making more money than your day job, etc. He totally gets that and that’s why he’s here on a mission to guide you and help you learn the art of building a profitable online business so that you can live the kind of lifestyle that you desire.

Your success comes from doing things that you’ve not done before – like starting a business, getting comfortable with being afraid yet still doing it by building something you are truly proud of, making sure your business is profitable so that you can do the things you love like travel, support your family, having a rich abundant lifestyle where you’re no longer stressing out about money or things you really want in life.

So if you really want to turn things around you need to build a business that can support and fund your dreams. He also runs a website and blog –
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