Is MonsterInsights The Best Google Analytics Plugin?

Is MonsterInsights The Best Google Analytics Plugin?

What Is MonsterInsights?

Over two million professionals have found easy access to add, customize, and manage their WordPress — MonsterInsights allow you to simplify your WordPress and make blogging simpler and user-friendly.

The free version of the plugin is used by WordPress site owners, considering Pro version for other users, (looking for customizable reporting data within the WordPress dashboard.) You can improve how WordPress is used to enhance your website’s ecosystem. Additional plugins to your WordPress website, benefits user experience, increasing the use of the current framework.

As a big fan of Analytics tools, every effort to reach new customers is a direct result of taking MonsterInsights—Googles latest, and highly popular, Analytic Plugin into the digital world.

Why Do We Recommend MonsterInsights?

Among various Analytics plugins; MonsterInsights outperforms other elite software and plugins, enabling optimum performance of WordPress. Download and install the plugin and its features without any coding knowledge. Choose a high-level perspective, to look forward to:

Ads Tracking: You could make more money with Adsense banner ads? MonsterInsights Ad Tracking, helps you see exactly the audience you have reached (By the number of clicks on the banner ad.)

Audience reporting: Informs website visitors, which device is being used, the information being searched and also informs you of their age, sex, and more.

Behavior reporting: MonsterInsights helps access your website at your own ease, enables easy monitoring of online traffic and other website conversions. Also shows how people discovered your site (Keywords and other search tools…).

Content reporting: Other than content that resonates with the audience, MonsterInsights’ content reporting dashboard, helps you identify relevant content and eliminates misleading information.

Ecommerce Reporting: Vital stats like revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top referral sources, and more, can be referenced in this browser session.

Forms Reporting: Conversion stats to generate contact forms and lead forms on your site by improving the conversion ratio to grow your online business.

Search Console Reporting: Website ranking helps analyse internet traffic and optimizes your search functionalities for effective website control.

Custom Dimensions Reporting: Reports that help you reach target audiences show you the popular authors, publications, other categories and tags, that focus on keywords and SEO scores.

Aside from benefits in the free package, Google Analytics for WordPress, highlights the benefits of using the standard (Plus) and Pro package features.

Advanced Google Analytics for WordPress – MonsterInsights Premium:

Plus Package:

The Plus package offers you standard, out-of-the-box features, providing accurate insights to make data-driven decisions that increase your digital presence. A few of Plus packages’s user-friendly features enforce the following points of action for standard business growth.

Universal Tracking: An understanding of your user and the universal website tracking that features every device and campaign (no coding experience needed).

Google Analytics Dashboard: Enrich your business decisively, ensure effective action by monitoring website reports and follow through in the WordPress dashboard.

Live Stats: Statistics in real-time to see browsing sessions; enhance your website and analyse what’s happening online. Impulse to analyse the audience and open up new opportunities for future possibilities is for sharing digital space.

Affiliate Links and Ads Tracking: This feature allows you to track user clicks simultaneously on your affiliate links, banner ads, and outbound links to see resonating information with the audience segment.

Pro package:

The Pro package caters to eCommerce websites and businesses whose sales and marketing tools have turned stale. Additional offerings, the Plus package will give you a deeper, more comprehensive set of analytics tools for business growth in the digital space.

eCommerce Reporting and Tracking: Power up your online resources: total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, and top conversion sources. Estimate your online retail hub with one-click Google Analytics, Enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS, and MemberPress.

WooCommerce: The chain of information available at a single click is WooCommerce—the biggest eCommerce plugin. If you’d like more information on what makes WooCommerce so powerful, click here.

Easy Digital Downloads: Available at a single click, Easy Digital Downloads plugin is an intuitive, lightweight, eCommerce tool.

MonsterInsights has three packages: Plus, Pro, and Agency. Requirements vary depending on the packages; for large businesses, and smaller ones. At an affordable price is as follows:

MonsterInsights Plan


WordPress website helps you build-out a digital ecosystem to perfectly suit your business. MonsterInsights offers in-depth analytics and intuitive functionality that make google analytics easier to harness and facilitate customer engagement, conversion and retention.

Get MonsterInsights Now.


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